Review  Sheets Solutions Exams
Lecture 1: Introduction
Review Sheet 1 Solutions Midterm1
Lecture 2: Mathematical Induction
Review Sheet 2
Lecture 3: The Binomial Theorem

Lecture 4: Rational and Irrational Numbers

Lecture 5: Two Problems; Division Algorithm

Lecture 6: Three Problems; GCD; Euclid's Lemma

Lecture 7: Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic; Euclidean Algorithm

Lecture 8: Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic; Euclidean Algorithm; Problems

Lecture 9: Problems

Lecture 10: Fermat’s Little Theorem I

Lecture 11: Fermat’s Little Theorem II

Lecture 12: Applications of Fermat’s Little Theorem and Congruences

Lecture 13: Permutations

Lecture 14: Permutations; Groups I

Lecture 15: Groups II

Lecture 16: Groups III

Lecture 17: Groups IV; Subgroups I

Lecture 18: Subgroups II

Lecture 19: Subgroups III

Lecture 20: Lagrange's Theorem I

Lecture 21: Lagrange's Theorem II

Lecture 22: Isomorphisms of Groups I

Lecture 23: Isomorphisms of Groups II

Lecture 24: Homomorphisms and Isomorphisms

Lecture 25: List of Theorems

Lecture 26: Groups (Supplementary Topics); Commutative Rings I

Lecture 27: Commutative Rings II

Lecture 28: Fields; Polynomials

Lecture 29: Roots of Polynomials; GCD; Euclidean Algorithm

Lecture 30: Euclid's Lemma

Lecture 31: List of Theorems